Vinyl Composite / VCT

May 11, 2018
Floor Services

Vinyl Composite Flooring, otherwise known as VCT, is easy to maintain as long as it is properly serviced regularly on a schedule. Most locations with normal day-to-day regular work traffic flow will only need to have us scheduled out to Strip and Wax, or scrub and wax (depending on the severity) the flooring quarterly or bi-Yearly depending on how frequent you sweep, mop, and maintain your flooring. If neglected, those regular times might be affected and could possibly cause more frequent floor schedule servicing. 

Our typical schedule is a quarterly Stripping and Waxing of all VCT flooring and doing a monthly scrubbing to maintain the freshly applied wax. We WILL NOT put minimal amounts of sealer (as most companies do) with inexpensive store-bought over the counter sealers and cleaners. We put a MINIMUM of 3 coats of sealers, and sometimes more if the floor has never been waxed or requires it. 

We DO NOT shorten any type of work at DMS just to cut corners and make more profit. We are NOT in the business for that. Our goal is to complete the job the CORRECT way the FIRST time despite any cost losses or changes. We also use one of the HIGHEST grade sealers and Industrial cleaners. It does in fact cost slightly more on our end, but that’s okay. We would like the job to be completed correctly and efficiently the first time.

 Don’t worry. If you are thinking to yourself, “Shoot! I just had another company do my floors and they look terrible or not that good,” We got you covered! We also do repair and restoration based services on bad VCT jobs. We will remove all old or cheap wax (usually hazy, not shiny, flakes off or has a yellow tint to it) and reapply with the good stuff! 

Regardless, if you have not yet done your floors, you DO NOT want to damage them. Choosing NOT to take care and service and wax your flooring will ruin your VCT tiles, which in the end will cost you MORE money to replace all tiling. It is best to just call us here and we, the experts, will know what do to with your VCT Flooring!”


Vinyl Composite / VCT
Vinyl Composite / VCT


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