Stripping & Sealing

May 14, 2018

It is CRUCIAL that you strip and seal your floors as soon as you see your flooring becoming dull, has a haze over it, is yellowing and has dark marks on the surface. The reasoning why you would want to strip and seal your flooring is 

1. It looks great and 

2. It PROTECTS your flooring by adding layers of wax on top. 

Think of a car. When you do not wax your car, what happens over time? The clear coat will start to flake off, your paint will dull, and eventually you will need a new paint job or to just sell the car. That is definitely NOT the way or mindset to have. This example is great because it is very similar to flooring. If you DO NOT wax your floors and take care of them, what will happen over time? Exactly, the same process. The wax will start to flake off (If any is applied previously), your floor color and grade will dull, and your floors will actually have permanent scuff marks until the point of restoring your tiled floors or completely replacing them. 

Why not MAINTAIN them by getting a quarterly Strip and Seal (Similar to Waxing your car) so your floors will stay in tip top shape and the only maintenance to do from there is to sweep and mop them regularly (same as a car wash). Plus, we will do that for you when you sign up for our janitorial service anyway so we got you covered on all ends so you can get back to your clients and leave the floor and janitorial headaches for us to present to you. It is the little things that make a HUGE difference!


Vinyl Composite / VCT
Vinyl Composite / VCT


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